Altitude Aerospace was established in 2005 to address the increasing need for in-service engineering support in the aerospace industry. In close collaboration with aircraft operators and service centers, Altitude Aerospace developed innovative aircraft products and modifications via STCs to meet the specific needs of its customers. Today, over 1000 aircraft worldwide are flying with modifications developed by Altitude Aerospace. This successful entry into the aerospace market, driven by innovation, propelled the company to a bright future.

In 2008, the company began offering integrated engineering services to large OEMs to assist them in the development of new aircraft programs. In order to meet the increasing demand of the market, Altitude Aerospace focused on building a team consisting of dynamic and passionate engineers willing to contribute to the success of the company while working on exciting new development programs.

Altitude Aerospace has since positioned itself as a well diversified leader in the aerospace industry by offering highly skilled engineering services for the development of new programs with OEMs, in-service engineering for aircraft in operation and for the development of new and innovative products

Following the acquisition in 2013 of a manufacturing organization, DICI Industries, Altitude Aerospace now provides fully integrated engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Altitude Aerospace is also proud to announce a new step in the development of its international activities by opening its first office abroad, specifically in Toulouse, France in 2015.

This expansion is consistent with Altitude’s collaborative approach and strategy to develop the know-how of Quebec’s Aerospace engineering. Also for several years now, engineers from Quebec and France have shared their know-how, their competencies and their culture in Altitude’s offices in Montreal. This subsidiary is a continuation of this valuable experience and expertise sharing.