Certifications & Accreditations

We understand that quality, reliability and safety are key to our industry, which is why our group works closely with certification authorities such as TCCA, EASA and FAA.

Transport Canada DAO #17-Q-01

Specialty functions:

  • Structures (Static/Fatigue & DTA) 
  • Systems Stress (Hydromechanical systems, Landing gear and Doors) 
  • Interiors (including Occupant Safety)
  • Doors (Mechanical systems and Occupant Safety)
  • Flammability

EASA DOA 21J.729

Specialty functions:

  • Structures (Static/Fatigue & DTA)
  • Hydro-mechanical systems (Doors)
  • Cabin interiors (and related electrical systems)

FAA Certification

Specialty functions:

  • Structures
  • Loads
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Interiors
  • Electrical Systems

Registered with Controlled Goods Program # 25838

Research Tax Credit approval granted by the French Ministry for Higher Education, Innovation and Research.

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